Thormarine supplied to Alfa Wall Oceanbird (theoceanbird) various hatches for service and inspection. We are proud that we have been selected for this ambitious project where Wallenius Wilhelmsen has ordered the first RoRo vessels with a capacity for approx. 7.000 cars. The main energy force for these vessels [...]


Cruise Vessel West Sea

We are proud to inform that we have supplied the watertight doors, wheelhouse doors and internal doors for Shipyard West Sea. West Sea received an order for the build of 6 in total cruise vessels all made as luxury all-suite vessels. These vessels are build for Mystic Cruises and delivered as Polar Expedition [...]

Cruise Vessel West Sea2022-11-09T15:21:24+01:00

Piriou shipyard

Double leaf watertight door supplied to Piriou Shipyard. We have designed, build and tested these watertight double leaf doors at a pressure of 0,2 bar. Testing went successful and Bureau Veritas certified these doors accordingly. THORMARINE is specialized in these aluminum, steel or stainless steel doors [...]

Piriou shipyard2022-11-09T15:04:08+01:00
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